Chakra Khan

Chakra Khan is Alexandra Love + DiViNCi. They’ve recently celebrated the release of their debut album, Love Is At The Core. With well over a decade of experience as part of the Orlando hip-hop powerhouse, Solillaquists of Sound, these two artists blend together seamlessly with their respective crafts in tow. The deep, personal writing style, eccentric cadences and lush harmonies of Alexandra’s performance, in concert with DiViNCi’s vast, poly-rhythmic, orchestral soundscapes is perfectly matched. Together, their sound is like smooth electricity, an intense, bass-rich, melodic wind.

Love Is At The Core is as intriguing as it is familiar; as vulnerable as it is bold. While boasting a cool, modern approach to their original music, their debut release also takes moments along the way to pay respect to some of the greats with a few choice cover-songs. Whether it’s the array of finely-tunes original compositions, or the sonic re-workings of songs like Joga & Smells like Teen Spirit, Chakra Khan maintains a truly distinctive, signature sound.

Their newest album, The Cope Aesthetic, coming June 3rd, is a more jazz-inspired, electronic soundscape than anything else the group has created thus far. Get tickets for their CD release in Orlando, June 3rd at the Blue Bamboo Arts Center, here.

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