As a founding member & producer of Orlando-based Hip Hop group, Solillaquists of Sound, & electro-Soul duo, Chakra Khan, DiViNCi first gained notoriety by using multiple drum machines in ways the world had never seen before.

In addition to his frequent work with Grammy Award-winning icon, Ms. Lauryn Hill, DiViNCi’s frenetic finger drumming, sonic dynamism & innovative use of music technology have led to stage & studio collaborations with such artists as Nas, Victor Wooten, MF DOOM, Doug Wimbish & El-P (Run The Jewels).

As a public speaker & educator, DiViNCi shares his passion for creative health by helping others refine their creative process through his one-on-one coaching service, StudioSensei.com.

While currently at work on various music projects, DiViNCi continues to travel the world connecting with audiences through his high-energy performances, speaking engagements, & Workshops.


DiViNCi is available for workshops, panel discussions & performances at a variety of venues including universities, trade schools, special events and trade shows, to name a few. He can cover a range of topics including but not limited to:

  • Sharing experience as a studio producer/engineer/programmer & working live performer/controllerist
  • Bringing the workflow of the stage to the studio and vice-versa
  • The new and emerging job opportunities available to tech savvy musicians, producers and engineers in the industry
  • Technique and/or gear-centric discussions

In any one workshop, he could set up hid gear to demo what he does live (and often in the studio) with a quick but energetic performance, discuss the topic at hand a bit and take questions. Regardless of the specific focus, he tends to always circle back to how to remain enthusiastically creative and how to sustain a healthy life and/or career involving the arts. DiViNCi loves to inspire and share in this way. He has done similar workshops at Full Sail, Point Blank (read more), SAE, Dubspot LA & Musician’s Institute to name a few.

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One-on-One Sessions/Lessons with DiViNCi

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an up-and-coming artist, DiViNCi is available to help you refine your craft in the following ways.

  • Learn more about your music software & hardware
  • Upgrading your existing setup and skill set
  • Refine your creative process
  • Transition from a studio musician/producer to a live performer or vice versa.
  • Controllerism lessons
  • Create a sustainable career in the creative field
  • Music Critiques

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Music Technology Design & Consultation

DiViNCi is available to assess your studio, stage, and/or production needs and help you design & implement a solution that takes advantage of the cutting-edge tools that exist today. The following are some examples of services DiViNCi can provide:

  • Music software & hardware operation & training
  • Solutions for audio/visual needs in the studio & on-stage
  • Show production solutions
  • Streamline your existing workflow/production
  • Playback & Controllerism implementation

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