Sean Shakespeare


Watch the brand new music video by Sean Shakespeare, “Ghost”.


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Orlando’s hardest-working creative up-and-comer, and one of the newest additions to the creative collective known as Second Subject, is emcee/artist Sean Shakespeare.

This emcee/artist is not a stranger to the Central Florida Hiphop scene, with his group Table For Three garnering a substantial amount of attention and praise locally in the last year.

However, it was Swamburger (of Solillaquists of Sound) that singled out the young emcee and invited him into the Second Subject collective for further artistic development, and to help focus his efforts towards establishing a career as a solo artist. As with many of the creators on the Second Subject roster, Swamburger provides the musical accompaniment to Shakespeare’s lyrical soundscape and the combined sound that the two artists have created together is definitely unique and genre-bending, while still definitively hip-hop at it’s core.

Shakespeare has recently debuted the music video for “Ghost,” the lead single off his upcoming debut album, “Bloodline.” Throughout “Ghost,” Shakespeare explores lofty concepts of time folding into it’s self, whereby setting the wandering and restless spirits of his ancestors against his own modern day struggles for self-worth and fighting social adversity. It’s his enthusiasm for his own cultural history that greatly informs his worldview and his personal drive to expand and create, which is demonstrated all throughout this song, and throughout the album as well.