February 23, 2018
Featured / Music

Sean Shakespeare “Bloodline” Album Release

Recently hand-picked by the Orlando Weekly as one of the “Top 14 local artists who are reshaping the Orlando music scene,” Shakespeare has spent the last twelve months in a collaborative process with Orlando super-producer, Asaan “Swamburger” Brooks, both in writing and recording the new album, as well as adapting the material for the live stage.

Bloodline is an honest and personal account of a young black male, born and raised in The United States of America. As upfront and intimate as he successfully manages to be, Shakespeare also manages to shift away from bitterness and resentment, intentionally framing his present circumstances towards a more positive mind state. He places the majority of his energy on celebrating his roots and culture, and digesting and ultimately accepting the violence that has afflicted his bloodline.

However, Shakespeare’s choice to do this was not an attempt to avoid the truth, but rather to exist within it as a conscious exercise of reclaiming control of the narrative. He compares this concept as to being in church on Sunday morning; singing and enjoying the insulation and safety that comes from being surrounded by people that you love.

Yes you still recognize the real and rough – and at times violent – world that waits for you outside those walls, but for a few hours you accept the troubled past, the uncertain present, and the weight and stress of the future, to allow yourself to be vulnerable and celebrate being apart of something rich and transcendent – your bloodline.