SKIP’s Big Ideas

Orlando Creator / Art personality, SKIP of Franchise Industries, and creative tastemakers collective, Second Subject, are proud to announce the release of “SKIP’s Big Ideas”, the first series in our original programming lineup on the Second Subject channel.

The series is filmed and formatted as an HGTV-style “Flip or Flop meets Mr. Rogers” reality series, and documents the creation of SKIP’s large-scale art installations, demonstrating the creative process from initial concept to dramatic, public reveal. “SKIP’s Big Ideas” is both SKIP and Second Subject’s first step into producing original television programming, and is an important milestone in their rebranding efforts to provide creative content that extends further than solely music releases.

Each episode pairs itself with local sponsors and large public events that play host to the finished installation, which allows fans and followers to interact with both the completed project, as well as incorporate them as a live audience members during the conclusion of the episode, long before the completed footage airs for audiences online. Despite the show being SKIP’s passion project, the true star of this series is actually the City Beautiful, and the bevy of talent and culture that resides here. By enlisting the skills and talents of local artists, engineers, carpenters, and craftsmen to aid and assist SKIP in executing these “big” challenges, as well as highlighting local restaurants, cafes, collective hotspots and hot shops, it allowed him to tend to his other responsibilities and production roles including: host, director, executive producer, writer, and video editor (and often cameraman as well too).